Saturday, December 31, 2005

Lone Longing Walks

It's Christmas season. Everytime I leave the restaurant and embark on the (walking) journey home, I'd feel a pang of satisfaction (of another day at work) and loneliness.

I have grown to long for these lone walks.

This is taken on Christmas Eve. The reality of brightening up and 'emptiness' portrayed my whole feelings/emotions.

I passed an art gallery (owned by Towson Arts Department). I was so captivated by this art piece.


I stood there for some moments. Looking. Searching. Admiring. I wish I can enact this in my reality.

Merry Christmas, Chi.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

No more Baby A? :-(

The end of semester means the end of babysitting Baby A.

Here's the pics me and K (my Japanese roomate) took with A.

He's soooooooooooooo adorable.

Then, on Friday, I had a sushi brunch with S (baby A's mum) and A.

At the end of the brunch/lunch S pulled out a gift. She said A picked it, for me. What?! How can?! Well, I was shocked. And deeply touched. She made me open the gift. It was...2 CDs.

How did baby A know? Drumsex? Hellooooo...

It was a great compliment anyway, from S. After all, drum and sex was all I did for my previous solo performance. ;P

S said 'drumsex' is supposed to arouse the sexual desire. Ehem... Do I need it? :P But I LOVE THE CD anyway.


I'm gonna miss baby A so much :'( Same to him...

The Lighting Design Class I Love

I was planning on putting this here as soon as the project's done, but I was too caught up with end-of-semester papers and stuff (like meeting new friends, getting more time with friends).

This is the 2nd light project I have in the class. Remember the 1st project? It was done with Carmen's song.

Anyway, for the 2nd project, we were allowed to partner up. So, I had DT as my partner. DT's first project touched me deeply. With his image of a sexy and sophisticated woman, he created a very romantic light project. I love his perspectives on portraying romance. Well, okay, he seems like a romantic guy. Period. I went up to him and 'demanded' that he be my partner for the 2nd project :P So bossy, huh. Haha!

I came up with the central idea of being round. Okay, I was thinking of balls. Having balls in space. Lighting balls. Something to do with balls...errr...round/spherical things. I've always like balls, in case you don't know ;P Why do you think I excel in sports involving balls (and cocks - errr....shuttlecocks)?

Eh, off topic. :P

So, the first idea was ball/round.

For the 2nd project, we're supposed to create a light project (using props, or objects, or humans, and OF COURSE - lights! AND incorporate sound, or text) with a theme/message AND to have the class/audience to leave the room being deeply affected by it.

Then, I was walking/leaving the class where we had our first presentations of the 2nd project...listening to radio. Christmas song was in the air. DT was walking with me. I told him, hey...let's do something involving balls and Christmas song.

You know, round as the metaphor of wholeness/completion -- a gathering/wholeness/completion during Christmas. We'd like to set the mood for Christmas. We'd like to sorta 'encourage' our classmates to look forward to Christmas, ermmm...lighten up the stressful moment of the semester (it's nearing the end of semester...projects and shits piling up, you know).

We'd like to use the disco ball, but it was being used already. So, no more 'suspense' using it. Instead, DT came up with another 'round' thing similar to disco ball - the rotating colorful party ball ;) yay!

We used the IKEA paper lanterns. Round what. We used the round hanging ornaments for Christmas tree. I borrowed J's exercise ball. We used Kenny G's 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'.

We went to Walmart at 10+pm to shop for the ornaments (wanted a mistletoe as well, but couldn't find one! so no kisses :P) and then straight to light lab...worked til 2+am! Very nocturnal of us. Good to have a very nocturnal partner (like me) ;P

Actually, we used a blacklight for the smallest IKEA lantern. Afterall, we want to create a better spectacle of 'snowfall'. Yeah, there's snowfall! ;) White confetti.

Here's some pictures I took with my cameraphone.

We also want to show the class of the way WE, Asian (DT's Filipino), light our Christmas ;P It turned out to be a very successful project/light performance. We literally 'took' the audience away from the lab - the mystical magic wonderland of Christmas ;)

WE DID IT! Successfully evoked the touchy and mushy feelings! ;)

Awwww...that was what you get when you put two very romantic people together to create something ;P

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Normal Heart

I should have stayed home on Thurs night and worked on 3 papers due the next day. But The Normal Heart was too good to be missed.

The Normal Heart : A Play by Larry Kramer
Thursday, Dec 8 2005
Towson University Center For the Arts

The Agenda:

Outreach Expo with exhibitors from HOPE, Moveable Feast, Planned Parenthood of Maryland, The GLCCB (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland), Towson University Queer Student Union, Sisters Together and Reaching, Inc., TU Counseling Center, and TurnAround.

Ahh...I forgot which table that has a BUNCH of free condoms that anyone could take. My friend - she basically stuffed her handbag with so many that they fell out from it, and spotted by N, a Japanese professor. Haha! Embarrassingly funny! Then she said she's gonna use them on New Year. Our eyes were popping out, but she clarified that she's NOT ACTUALLY gonna 'use' them, but just to throw them up in the air for everybody. Yeah...right... ;P Oh, did I take some? No...don't need it. I saw female condom too! ;) No, I didn't take it - don't need it. :P Saw a rubber to wrap around your finger (finger-dom?). Haha. I didn't take it either :P I think it's about time someone INVENT 'tongue-dom'. ;) Oh right, how can you put it on a tongue then, huh. Hhmmm...never mind, use Glad (plastic wrap) ;)

Play Reading about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and its impact on the gay community physically, politically, and personally--featuring Towson Theatre students, faculty, and alum including John Glover (yes, the father (rich one) in Smallville, 5 Emmy Award nominations for TV roles), and Bruce Nelson (5-time Helen Hayes Award nominee, Helen Hayes award winner for Best Actor in 2004).

I didn't stay. Just grab a bottle of water and dashed home - homeworks. Heh. I didn't start until it was snowing heavily outside...about 1am? Was talking to L (yes, 'her') and MY (my ex-coursemate from UPM).

"We can not stop the deaths from AIDS, but we can stop the deaths from ignorance."

I should have moved (but I didn't)...I felt awkward sitting right next to G, and then I found out that he and M are actually dating (?) I didn't know. Gosh, sitting to a straight couple made me have icky feeling... :P I don't know, but seeing B and her partner, J, (they sat in front of me) made me envious...and put a smile to my face.

Oh yeah, I lost count of the compliments I received on my outfit (the make-shift-tie). Ehem...kakui desu ne ;)

I think that was my first time watching a reading. Impressed on how simplicity could move the audience (to tears...yeah, I was fighting back tears). Those are very good actors! OMG...watching S kissing immediate reaction was OMG! nani?! and then came the aaawwww...

I actually got stood up/turned down. Twice! By the gal(s) I asked to go watch this with me. :( It's a fabulous thing/event to miss, my dear... Oh, how disappointed I was. But then, I still went...alone, knowing that I'd have a bunch of theatre friends (and professors) there. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Longings

1. Snow (yes! it's snowing outside now! yay!!!)

2. Driving

3. Teh tarik and roti canai with dhal (although I'll balloon up and release lotsa gas :P)

4. Dressing up and watching a Wind Symphonic Band/Orchestra or Symphony Orchestra concert

5. Being at work with the thought of SOMEONE's waiting for me after work

6. Being at work and receiving tantalizing images of SOMEONE through MMS

7. Having overpriced coffee at Starbucks/Coffee Bean/San Francisco/Secret Recipe (well, here, Starbucks is all I get) with an overpriced dessert (or a piece of bread and stuff) and watching/observing/checking-out people, alone or with SOMEONE

8. Playing piano to relax, entertain, enjoy, heal my soul, release tension

9. Club/pub hopping

10. Having SOMEONE to cuddle with in bed

11. Kissing

12. Shopping at branded stores, grocery (Asian preferably) stores

13. Dimsum

14. Walking in pasar malam and buying too much food

15. Astound others with my works, talent, ideas, and/or wit

16. Feeding SOMEONE fruits in an intimate way...and be fed the same

17. Sleeping with SOMEONE

18. Walking barefeet on a soft sandy beach

19. Gambling - in casino, or at home/someone's home

20. Having a big seafood feast of fleshy crabs, fresh shrimps, big fresh fish (I love that fish...ahhh...what does it call again...the one that is shaped like a square - side view), big fresh lobster!, squids/octopus, la-la, si-ham, balitung (of course! to practice my kissing...errr...sucking skill :P), sea cucumber, abalone...I guess you already knew by now, I LOVE SEAFOOD!

21. SOMEONE to take care of my lips (you DO know that a female has 3 lips, right?)

22. My colorful university days staying in a dorm with a bunch of gals

23. Performing under the limelight

24. Creating mind-blowing performance project(s)

25. Having delicious and nutritious soup (home-cooked) everyday

26. Hawker stalls

27. Doing something to guide and/or help others

28. Watching plays

29. Playing (and performing) different kinds of percussion instruments

30. Exercising and rejuvenating in a country club.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hairy Bathroom

J: What?! You're cutting your hair again? No, not until you empty the trash in the bathroom. You're've cut your hair like 5 times for the past 2 weeks!


Me: But now I wanna cut it real short!

J: Go clean the bathroom.


I didn't know she counted. Heck, did I really cut 5 times? I don't know...

Ok. I DID screw up my hair 2 days ago. I was in a rush...and the hot water was running in the bathroom. Hence, the foggy mirror. Therefore, the 'weird' cut.

So, I got back from work just now. Eiyee, I had to tie my hair to cover up :P Anyway, I got home...I went online and searched for Shane's (from The L Word)look/hairstyle.

Told K, my Japanese roomate, that I was gonna do Shane's hairstyle. She said, 'Ahhh...kakui!'. She also like Alice's hairstyle. Oh, but I want the kakui look.

Then, I got into the bathroom. Stripped (have to strip or else it won't turn out nice :P). Take one long look at my long hair...

"Sorry, you have to go. Things change, people change...I WANT TO CHANGE."

Divided my hair into parts...and chop chop chop it went.

After 1++ hour in the bathroom (sorry, K, you can't come in...I'm naked!), I 'revealed' my new look to K.

K: *big eyes* WOW! Kakui ne! I can't believe it!

Me: Yeah, yeah? *wide grin. takes a turn* See if the back look okay.

K: Yup. Looks good.

Me: Be more critical. Is it even?

K: Ah...this bottom part a bit sticking out. Let me cut it.

So, we took some pics. Oh oh, before-and-after pictures. Heh. Put on some Loreal's 'Out of Bed' gel, and snapped more pics. :P My hair turned out like something in between Shane's and Alice's hairstyle ;P

Hairy bathroom still... Haha! Think I'll clean (throw the trash) it tomorrow. Eh, I vacuumed the floor, ok!