Friday, October 16, 2009

the past 3 days

Part 1:

so my right eye has been twitching for the past 3 days.

according to the old housewives tales, twitch on the right eye means disaster/bad thing is around the corner or is happening right a the moment AND twitch on the left eye means fortune/prosperity...

the first thing that popped into my mind was my mum. :-O OMG is she alright??? we do have some kinda telepathy thing going on.

the second thing that popped into my mind was about myself. am i gonna get hurt in some/various way(s)? i do feel kinda vulnerable right now.

so, mum called me like 3 hours ago. she's doing alright. phew... then what the heck with the twitches? it's certainly not about the lack of sleep coz i've been having 6-8 hours of sleep these days!

man...i feel like walking on thin ice.

Part 2:

like the chinese saying, 'yat yau so si, ye yau so mung'. JS appeared in my dream 3 nights in a row.

1st night, she texted me 'get some nigori' on my way to her place. wow...i'm kinda craving for some nigori sake, but then i'm on budget. and she wanted to get the expensive sake?! lol.

2nd night, i went out for an adventure with 2 of my friends (whom i can't remember now). we went kayaking in a really cool 'boat/kayak' with extendable 'wings'. like a roller coaster ride on the water. we arrived at a lil village. at the souvenior shop, i found some kafir lime leaves, and kafir limes with leaves. kinda expensive, but i thought of she loves lime...and probably her corona will taste much better in those. AND kafir leaves are kinda hard to get here ;-P i bought the limes with leaves. lol. when i gave her the gift, she squeeze those limes in caesar salad... lol.

3rd night, i was sitting on her lap facing her. yes, fully clothed. the look, the long, the passionate making out. wow! AND my dad happened to be there and he saw. wtf? then fast forward to the 68. ummm... :-P's like i'm dating her in my sleep, don't u think? urgh...what about the reality now? huh


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