Monday, September 28, 2009

tales of roomates (part 1)

being the only child (ummm...i like to call myself being the only child coz most of my childhood days were spent ummm...with me playing/entertaining/doing stuff with myself in the house and fortunately with kids in the neighborhood) can be lonely. but i've grew up with a household and neighborhood of 'busy-ness'. phew! those human noise brought me comfort--chi is not alone ;-)

i've never found so much joy of living/sleeping with someone my age until the first day of university. well...before that first day, occasionally i could have a 'sister' (band member) to spend the night over at the house but really, it doesn't count when it comes to spending days with roomate(s) ;-)

no, i don't think i was that gay yet. i just missed the having-siblings-to-spend-time-with moments. :-P

living in a big dorm (say...approximately 4 gals in a room, 32 rooms to a floor and 5 floors to a dorm building) at UPM was like an academia + gals fiesta! LMAO. let's do the math.

4 x 32 x 5 = 640

wow!!! let's jz say about 600 gals in a building. and there were alot of buildings in my dorm complex. what about parking? well...most students were from poor family, so the bus is always packed. some could afford motorbykes and cars. my 21st birthday gift was my 1st car--a new hatchback proton iswara (my 'pimpin' car. lol)

with the convenience of the car, i could have stayed home (which was only 20 mins drive from home). BUT i wanted to live with the gals on the dorm for the ENTIRE study years! i love having roomates and neighbors i could bug and hangout with until wee hours...until everyone was tired of me. when they slept, i studied ;-P

very much a social butterfly.

SH : "do you know people jz acknowledge me as 'PC's roomate' coz they can't remember my name? you're too damn popular for people to remember my own name lah."

me : "o really?! *laugh* wow...i'm sorry."

my entire 3 yrs at UPM, i stuck with SH. she's sucha great roomate. motherly kind. :-) well, we take care of each others anyway. and gals across the room too. when i was so sick with flu, they'd make me porridge, make me herbal tea and do my assignment(s) for me! i used to love taking naps on SH's bed (coz i'd 'save' my own bed for deep slumber), using her desk to study (coz mine was full with entertainment stuff--computer, tv, games, speakers) and eat dinner. she'd come back to the room and sorta 'yelled' at me for eating strong smell stuff at her desk. hahaha...but we do love each other long time ;-) she knew i love the comfort (and convenience) of 'her' side of room!

CS was 'invited' from next room because she's pretty (yeah...she looks a bit like the famous HK actress that married a rich tycoon) and cool and being half my coursemate, means i could have more help in getting notes and tips in studying ;-P

we had 2 engineering roomates. omg...i can't even remember their names now. one was fun. one was sooooo serious. the fun one laughed so hard in her sleep one night we (uh...i was still up, studying) all woke up and WTH happened? what a funny shock. lol

FC was a year younger than us. i remember us picking on each other. o boy, all of us love to yell at each other to rant it off. love is bonded that way, believe me. loud love? hahaha... it's the chinese way :-P

me : "why are your fingers soooo meaty? *pokes at FC's fingers*

FC : "OI!!!!!! go 'die aside' you!"

omg...she wanted to slap me. hahahaha... i can't remember her come back nasty comment about me but it's darn funny.

years later... i was already in US.

SH : "do you know what FC did?"

me : "what?"

SH : "she got married. like there's nothing better to play with..."

me : "whoaaaaaa... LMAO"

see, we LOVE picking on each other out of love ;-)

i have to tell you other gals roomate(s) on my same floor. yeah, i knocked on doors to kepoh back in the days :-P soooo weirdly amusing!


we saw a gal that washed her feet (one at a time, of course) in the sink we wash our face and brush our teeth at. omg...the hassle of lifting her leg to wash it...isn't it easier to wash in the toilet/laundry area where there's a faucet 1-2 feet from the ground...

we had a communal bathrooms/toilets/laundry area (where we hand wash our clothes).

PP's roomate was another (princess) weirdo. she'd apply lotion to her legs as thick as 1 cm and let it 'absorbed', taking hours to do her laundry coz she would just let physics do its job--mainly soaking and rinsing ALOT. brushing and scrubbing hurt her dainty fingers... and more absurdly (and sooo rudely), she'd hang her dripping wet underwears above her roomate's desk... OMG! not to mention closing the door loudly during her early morning classes... wow...we love talking about her. heh

there's one time Rainbow walked in the door and i was there in her room, on top of CM, giving her a back massage. hahaha... we were giving each other massage. was odd... but we love easing each others' knots and sore from our vigorous activities. hahahaha

there were times i got a car full of gals to go to ladies night in downtown and had to come back at dawn (when the gate finally reopens. we had curfew...). the guard thought some of us were whoring outside. eeeeewwww! we could have slapped or reported him!

good ol UPM days... ;-)


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