Friday, March 14, 2008

if dreams are made of...

if dreams are made of
my own creation
i must muster
my everything
to bring it to fruitation

you know
we're different beings
somehow there's resonance
good or bad
similar interest
do you deserve....

i want perfect level
perfect height
sitting or standing
are you there?

32 flavors of baskin robbins
you know your flavor
what flavor am i to you
i don't know if i can sacrifice other flavors
sticking only to one flavor
i'm willing to give my best

a journey starts with a step
stillness is the beginning of a movement
right here waiting
put your best food forward
let me see it
glistening eyes
let me see the happiness
no regrets

uncertainties in life
i understand it completely
do i embrace
and accept it
only with painful heart

if dreams are made of
my imagination
i won't be afraid
to surmount whatever comes my way
the vines grow strong and deep
as it age

ways of touch
literally or metaphorically
i know
how to touch
pushing the right buttons
i know how to keep the distance
just so you're comfortable
happy with my touch

intimacy can be felt
feet apart
longings can be felt
distance away
but oh boy
how i'm so wanton
securing myself

struggles keeping my soul
i'm such an angel
sacrificing myself til it hurts
the halo weighs upon my head
must be good

if dreams are made of...
i'd choose happiness and peace


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