Monday, September 28, 2009


it's been sucha long time since i penned down anything. i'm sorry to myself for the absence in writing...a catharsis of thoughts and emotions. so much have happened in this lapse of time that it's kinda hard to fill in the experiences in timely form.

i'll try.

let's start with how much i've learned and grown (wisely, not vertical or horizontal :-P).

people cross path for a reason OR it could be mere coincidental. but i do believe that everyone i meet, see, interact and have levels of connection happen for a reason--fate. the moment(s) adds another learning opportunity for either intellect and/or wisdom. and of course extra strands of gray hair. haha.

what i've learned in this absence of blogging:


respect for someone i like for her decisions

if things are better said in action, keep the mouth shut

be more responsible when it comes to drinking just so no one gets hurt in any way

the heavy burden (responsibility) to repay the debt of gratitude to one's parent

it's unfair to bring personal problems (negativities) to work

naiveness to trust people that leads to one's frustration and pain

true friends are always around if they want you to be their true friend--reciprocity

revelations on own life conditions

always being optimistic about 'the one' out there--faith

never give up on standing up after every fall

it's ok things don't go the way one wants coz no one can escape from the law of the universe (karma).

some of my best friends said i'm so one of the kind for being dramatic, silly, dorky, smart, talented, absurd, cute, whiney, naughty, and rude (etc..) at times. i take all those as a compliment...good and bad. ummm...more good than bad of course ;-)

you know, we are (as a human being) a body of material after all. just as a comparison/metaphor... in physics (material science precisely), an alloy is always better and stronger than pure metal. heh ;-)

sometimes i'm skeptical about going in rabbit holes... i'm afraid i'm not that courageous to take the pain... o well, but if i do, i will certainly have my friends to share the adventures with!


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