Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweet September

it's like stepping into fairyland...

like those in Enid Blyton books

quaint and quiet lil historic town

faint distant sound of the train

fairy tales seem real

expect lil pixies

cute lil angels in wings

a drive into nowhere to somewhere

an invitation

a quest to seek

a mutual connection

if chemistry work then will there be a need for catalyst

the catalyst that brings some similarities together

the resonating feel between us

deep into the blueness of your eyes

beyond those glasses

a pick on the brain


the hint of smartness, talents, longing and mischief

like those spices of life

to spice up one's life

the 5 elements

water fire wind/air earth and wood

the simplicity of life

you breathe

how comforting

how empowering

how invigorating

how refreshing

a revelation i found

meeting and knowing you

the moments we shared

one of my best experiences...

*now reread it from the bottom


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