Sunday, October 04, 2009

le lesbians wedding

after getting lost following the retarded GPS, i relied on the mama's direction to the reception ballroom. you wouldn't know how frustrated i was. damn GPS! damn chinese man's GPS! unreliable... urgh

say what would u go being seated with your ex (and her bf) at the same table. uh huh... even her mum called me to 'check'. hahaha... hush hush!

with too much kenny G's music throughout the 'waiting' for the alcohol and some appetizers, i was trying to keep myself amused and awake. thank goodness for cherie and carla to keep the laughter and conversation going.

we couldn't help laughing when shannon showed up in her red vest, red tie, white shirt and black pants. a man walked up to her and asked about food... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! she really looked like the maitre de! and there we went...talking loudly, requesting her attention about the food we have. "yo, i have a problem with the chicken. overseasoned lah!"

at 9pm...we thought that's it. cherie came back and reported that it's gonna last til 11.30pm. what?! apparently there's a cake cutting and bouquet throwing. hhmmmmm nice...

finally the DJ played some dance music, starting with 'i gotta feeling'. wow, i was really dragging everyone out to dance. hahaha! bla bla dance dance...

here comes the bouquet throwing. apparently only the single ladies are allowed but i don't know why was cherie doing getting ready to fight for the bouquet. anyway, emily threw them my direction. aiya! i got it. whoooopppssss... hey, i got the bouquet sue mooi threw too, back in 2004. i wasn't the one getting married after that... heck, i'm still so single and available. it's a bad luck. i'd say the gal getting the bouquet would b the last one getting married out of the bunch...

not that i don't wanna get married. but one really wants me that bad... i'm just saying lah.

next came the 'groom' throwing a lil scrunchy. uhhh...what?! so, yaz caught it (i wasn't allowed to catch it coz i already got the bouquet... huh). since she's the mama, she refused to do the 'act'. omg...i had to sit down in front of everyone and the 'man' has to perform the wrap the scrunchy around my ankle and roll it up my thigh. whoa! if i had known better, i'd have ducked at the bouquet throwing! gee... cherie did the favor. phew! or else it'd b wrong...mama and daughter doing that thing. hahahaha

well, that's it for the night. i managed to drag the ex out for 'our' song "i kissed a gal". she was like...omg, i'm gonna get yelled at for doing this. pssshhhh! who cares?! u r in a lesbians wedding. be gay a lil!

really. that's it. no extravagant 10 course chinese dinner. jz some lasagna, meat balls, cheese, cracker, bread, oversalted marsala chicken, carrots and stringbeans cooked in butter, steamed red potatoes with parsley(?), roast beef and some crab dip (i could see lotsa mayonaise...eeeek!).

may the brides live happily ever after.

the end.


Blogger stargal said...

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10/05/2009 01:45:00 AM  
Blogger stargal said...

interesting... wonder if i'd ever get to attend a gay wedding. urs, maybe? ;)

10/05/2009 01:46:00 AM  
Blogger lotsachi said...

yup. come! but for now, get me a bride 1st

10/05/2009 10:56:00 AM  

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