Saturday, January 21, 2006

the L word (again)

I know I've been silent for so long. My apology. Where the heck have I been? Busy lah! Tell you later.

This is about the L word. Yeah, 3rd Season is running now. And thanks to many superfriendly and kind lezzies online who keeps every TLW lover up to date on what's going on in every episode--upload, download. ;)

One of the scenes in the 2nd episode is about taking Dana's 'shrine' off Alice's wall. It was lezzie-clean-up service hired by Helena (who is sort of 'getting closer' to Alice). You know, gals relationship, ah so complicated.

In brief, after much happenings that I've gone through, I am here to 'report' that I've taken my L 'shrine' off my (desk) wall. Yup, like a few minutes ago. I did it myself. No one 'hired' lezzie-clean-up for me. No new gal in my life to 'rip' it off my wall. Well, talking about that, I'd say it'll be embarrassing and not-right to date/see someone new while you're know, errrr...obsessed about someone in the past.

Takes in a deep breath.