Thursday, September 30, 2004

great and bad day

had 4+ hours of sleep last night. late night working on poems as performance text.

got up at 8.30am. dragged myself to theatre history class, with the djembe, across campus! nearly fell asleep with 'lysistrata' presentation. it's the 'sex strike play', luckily... if it's shakespeare, i would have been snoring already :P

took a power 10-mins-nap, lying down on the floor at the corridor outside the lecture room. i felt like a zombie... but grad class today was great. improv exercise by B and S shook me emotionally. so intense... i felt the urge to drum to the 'organic' cry (voice) of S... so primitive, so native, so mystical, so touching... pure voice/sound from the soul.

came up with the idea of a performer being the portal, the prism to channel the white light into a spectrum full of colors. yes, at last! physics haven't died inside me ;) the unseen was made seen. a performer needs to experience the transformation first in order to successfully bring the transformation in audience/spectator. seek the 'prism' in our body, use it to the max to tap into the mystical world of nature and that's life. theatre performance is life. it's alive. MB talked about seeing the waves forming between B and S. that's physics as well, 2 constructive waves (energy) added together, will produce a greater intensity of wave. likewise, a constructive and a destructive added together = neutral or zero intensity.

interesting theory, huh? T's solo performance class talks alot about spirit and matter. it requires us to be spiritual, human and primitive... it's just so cool to find the similarities in theatre, buddhism and physics (waves, particles, uncertainty principles...).

worked after that. nearly drop the whole mocha all over my body :P spilled hot chocolate over my fingers. accidentally 'groped' the hot surface of the expresso machine. dropped a few things, luckily nothing serious, no injury. i survived.

treated myself with a vanilla caramel machiatto, and after work, irish cream caramel machiatto. feels heavenly! :-)

fed my soul with impulse driven drumming. getting better with speed, and variation. btw, i feel a little annoyed that it's been 3 times i brought my djembe to T's class and never got the chance to play it! *sigh* but it's ok...i take it as part of my training (human revolution, spiritual growth). the feeling of annoy wasn't that overwhelming that i need to kill someone or something like that. i totally believe in 'the time will come...'. :-)