Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy News

The following may not be chronologically correct:

1.) Boston trip during spring break with a sponsor--air travel (gee, 2 one-way tickets! due to changed plan). The travel came to be around $700 (boy, i can almost get a return ticket for a trip back to msia!). And it's FREE! Yay!

2.) Boston trip provided time for relaxation (yes, initially I planned to visit and walk around the city, alone (daytime), BUT being sucha lazy pig, I slept in til afternoon!), contemplation on what-am-I-doing-with-my-life, self-(re)discovery, some adventures (alone!), checking out the city, the pretty (chicks) people, art (I went to the Museum of Fine Arts and boy! they have a great collection of Egyptian art--mummies and the findings, Asian art, impressionistic art, Picasso, Middle East art, South East Asia art, Chinese (Buddhist) art, African and Oceania art...bla bla bla) and architecture.

3.) In Boston, I saw my godsister, MH. Yes, she's a great sister, more like a real sister compared to my 'blood-related' sister(s). Hung out with her. Pampered by her. Pampering her ;)

4.) I love the rush feeling of taking-off. It felt so free...soaring in the sky, higher and higher. A metaphoric feeling of stepping on the pedal and go forward in life :)

5.) Knowing J is not gonna move out AND she's getting a car this Saturday! Yay!

6.) Having good weather--sun and some breeze for being out in the sun--sun bathing while enjoying coffee and watching 'life' passes by. So, I'm developing a honey-looking skin ;) Sexy!!! Like what the Malay says, hitam manis (dark sweet). :P

7.) Going out with a cute gal, B, for a sushi dinner. I miss the feeling of dating. I was VERY glad and happy she went out with me. gay. Ah, but then the dinner has to be pronto coz I had to run to a rehearsal! :(

8.) Performing again. Yes, this week I'm performing from Monday-Saturday! 2 different shows--65 days and (fusion) Yashima (a Noh dance).

9.) Spent alot on grocery today ($175) but it was paid by my 'employer'. ;) Gee, I have no idea how it came to that amount!!!

10.) Gonna learn how to invest my money for better future.

11.) Being offered to go on a paid cruise to Stockholm-to-London, a 14-day trip. Kinda stressful to think about it, but happy of the offer.

12.) One of my primary school friends gave birth to a baby on Apr 11. Gee, I'm still single and DAMN available!

13.) Been told by new found male friends that I'm too attractive and beautiful and cute to be a lesbian. Haha!

14.) I got my first birthday gift--a bongo stand. Hehe. I can play the bongo and conga at the same time now. Wonderful feeling to letting go and feel the rhythm. Groovy, babe. You know what I mean?

15.) I was offered a job as a wine associate, with $10/hour pay. And all I have to do is tasting wine and talk. Ahhh...but I don't have a car to travel to work. Soooo...nvm :P