Monday, October 11, 2004

monday blues

i felt tired and lazy. slept in. didn't take my djembe to class. but it's ok, we weren't looking at my piece though... so, i've to bring it in on wednesday. ahh...more time to practice.

worked 3 hours only, but luckily A was so understanding and generous about my audition thingie and my empty stomach ;-) so, i went for audition from beginning til end. i'm kinda 'pissed' to see not all of my directing classmates were there. weren't we supposed to be there, mandatory? anyway, i shouldn't think negatively and grudge. by doing these, i'd feel so bad at myself and not creating good value. hehe... i did my part to my best, i should be proud of it. yes...even though to skip work to BE THERE from beginning til end. which means, i'd have to 'tie my stomach' (more likely to my desire to buy).

i auditioned too! did 'tongues', yes...pretty good ;-) i see most of the people who came for the audition, they were so nervous and they stumbled because they didn't take enough time to absorb the environment, drop into the character. well...i'm not saying all of them did badly... very few were good. hhmmm...i guess nervousness trapped their fullest potential to play out the character ;-)

some of us (directors) were 'fighting' for the same person/people! hard can it be?!! i hope i can get the people that i want. i just need a sexy mistress, a middle age bossy but timid in some way married woman, and a guy to play a 60 year old man! hmph!

came back from audition, J asked if i wanna join her and K for a dinner at macaroni grill (didn't know what they serve except - macaroni. duh!). ohh...actually, it's an italian chain restaurant. nice one too! they have this 'mahjong paper' on the table, with some crayons there for the customers to write/draw/sign. and of course, for the waitress to 'leave her mark' ;-) like, it's HER table...don't steal her customer/tips! :-P hahahaa... had a great dinner. J was so nice, she insisted that she pays for my dinner (we shared a pizza). i just had to cover the tip ;-) ahhh, she said, it's because i always make her dinner at home ;-) so sweeeeeet... hahaha, both of us! anyway, this restaurant, they serve 'all you can eat and drink' appetizer and soda - the bread and we dipped it in virgin oil and vinegar! wait...there's some 'leaves' in there too - basil? erm...the spices lah. :-P so unusual for me...hehehe, my first time...having bread with oil! hahaha... i felt like i was coming out from the jungle or small kampung or something like that. :-P hey! i'm so chinese when it comes to food, well...if i want to (my excuse)! how could i afford....back home....

ok. so, MT asked if i'd be able to act in his directing scene as well. same text as B's. hhmmmm...ok. why not, let's work with 2 directors with the same script! ;-)

know what, i heard an amazing fact today! i asked S if her milk has expiration date and she said yes...up to 72 hours. and if she put them in the freezer, it can last up to 6 months! wow!!! so much better than the milk from the grocery store! very organic and nutritious too! hahahaha... she's a very cool mum. she brings her pumping kit to class, and pump in class! open about it. well, of course she didn't reveal anything! it's a graduate class anyway...people are mature enough and cool about it (i just need to hide my awe :-P).

i need to shower... it's kinda cold... we don't have the heater on. gee! it's 69 fahrenheit/20 celcius! brrrr...

no theatre history class for this week! mid term will be postponed til next wednesday! hurrah! the ever so boring punya medieval chapter! eeeeeee! :-P

windy weekend

i was really looking forward for the weekend so that i could catch my breath, relax and get some homeworks done. yes, i did catch my breath, relaxed (tv, movie, drum) and LITTLE homework done! :-(

so, i watched 'gladiator' last night. yeah, finally... to watch it in movie theatre back home would be NO FUN with all the 'skippings' happening. it's a great movie. wow! i'm glad i choose that movie. and then, i slept for 9 hours. piggie me. :-P

it was 'homecoming' on our campus too. saw many marching bands at the field! wow! there's a free entrance to a football show (american football) on campus. it's supposed to be huge. well, i was lazy to walk there all alone... besides, nobody to go to a game with...ahhh, how boring. i went back to my apartment, drummed...watched tv. and saw the fireworks! from the stadium!!! wow! felt like july 4th :-P there you go, i was telling A, 'our 1 semester's tuition fee! all gone...up in the air, exploded, illuminated the sky for a sec and gone with the wind'! urgh! since i didn't wanna 'get my money worth', i pulled her from her room, and we ran outside to get a better view. in our balcony, we're blocked by some trees! hahaha...

sunday afternoon, went to see 'waiting for godot'. gee, luckily i got the complimentary ticket. i fell asleep twice! see? waiting doesn't work for me, i'd fall asleep :-P i'm not saying the play wasn't good. is just i'm not very into a text-y play. that's all. anyway, it's a great play to study about human, anthropology, philosophy, etc... it's about how people act and react when they have nothing to do, how would they pass the time (of having time to themselves), about time versus happenings. all i've to say to those who have no idea what this play is about - godot never turn up. it's all about waiting. now, lets do some reflections - are you waiting for someone (or something significant to happen) now? and while waiting, what do you do now, to 'kill the time'? *thinking*

then, CA and i (CA went for 'godot' with me, got her the comp ticket, thanks to A! at least we didn't feel bad to our wallets for failing to stay awake!) went to the starbucks next door. gee, how much had i resisted myself from stepping into that 'drug heaven'?!! i just 'followed' and i ended up buying an americano and sitting there, having a great chat with her. oh well...

watched 'shall we dance' - the japanese movie after starbucks. it's a great movie as well. i learned something about japanese culture ;-) so, they're 'not loud', they keep to themselves most of the time, practices alot of 'intuitive thinking' (something that's what it means behind the gestures and/or words said). kinda similar to the chinese culture. :-)

i better do something about my homeworks before i sleep...

Friday, October 08, 2004


wow...this week had been full of rehearsals and also working towards performance. CE came as the guest artist for our grad class. he's a wonderful and great guy. very engaging. very creative. he made me realized of the many possibilities of creating sound, stretch the harp sound - it sounds weirdly great, transforming a speech into a wave of beautiful sound - vibration of the particles and materials' atoms, wonderful! learned about miming as well - everything has to be precise, energized, light, confident and beautifully shaped ;-) otsukaresamadetsuta!

rehearsals with N has been a pleasure. at the beginning, had muscle sore...from all the butoh and physical exercises. mask work with M (today) was good. i found it hard to do because working with M (she's the mask expert, mfa student), she asked/requested/said different things...compared to working with N. haiii... susah lah :P today's my first rehearsal doing the plaster seller role. i am also the monk who plays a gigantic drum (supposed to be, but naoko wants me to use my djembe instead). imagine playing fast pace on the drum while walking very slow (like in the noh). wow...harder than marching band! at least in marching band, it's precise timing on hands and feet! ;) but, i'll take it as a challenge.

got a call from B 2 days ago. she asked if i'd be willing to be in her directing scene. wow! B is great to work with. being trained and performed in siti company, i hope i'll learn alot from her :-)

can't wait for the weekend! aarrrghhh...