Tuesday, June 20, 2006

omg, such long absence!

i apologize for being MIA for so long. gee...when was the last time i blogged? ah, don't mention.

so...what have i been doing. let me fill you in, in summary. well, stuffs that i can recall lah.


- good thing going with L, my ex. some stuffs we've worked on and we both felt good about it. what?! ah...no, we're not together. just friends...


- busy with rehearsals and play--'65 days: adrift in sea'.


- spending more time with the 'girlfriends' before everyone leave home for the summer break.
- anticipating my birthday.
- celebrating my birthday 3 days in a row (yeah, like a princess! :P) with one very expensive dinner that cost a few thousand dollars in one of the most expensive restaurant in town. ehem...:P
- hung out even more with malaysian friend
- hosting and attending (my so-called) thespians and lesbians parties. WOOHOO!
- anticipating Senior Ceremony (a ceremony where Towson Uni's Theatre Dept. honors all graduating seniors)
- DONE with senior ceremony.
- anticipating commencement/convocation/graduation.
- did a stupid thing--'objectifying' my friend(s) and i felt very ashamed of myself.
- godsister, A, came down from boston, SURPRISINGLY!, to attend my convo. aawwwwww...she represented the whole wide world to me :)
- DC visit with A and W (the male hongkie best friend i have here)


- anticipating the production of 'Welcome to Micronesia' where i'll be assistant directing and stage managing. whoaaarrrrgggghhhh! so anxious!
- finally went to a beach--june 14! looking sexy in bikini ;P
- i didn't call my dad to wish him Happy Father's Day. bad me. and i'm still NOT gonna call. why? i don't know...don't feel like it.

ok, this is just a summary of what's going on and what went on. i'll fill in later. soooooo sleepy... it's almost 6am!!!